Being in front of the media is a whole new ball game.  Jessica Levin Media provides a diverse array of services to help your brand win every media opportunity.  Your unique brand deserves an equally unique and customized training session.  The goal is a win-win transaction for both your brand and the media outlet you are speaking with.

video_interview_1With Jessica Levin Media, you will learn:

  • Mastering interviews – no matter the format: one-on-one sit down, telephone, Skype, satellite media tour, print request
  • Development of talking points and brand messages
  • Body language control
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog campaign message development

Media Training Services:

  • One-on-one customized sessions
  • On-camera preparation with follow-up review
  • Follow-up candid critiques after the interview we have prepared for has gone live
  • Constructive, point by point critiques of previous interviews
  • Immersion and refresher sessions
  • Phone and Skype sessions available if needed